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About Me

About Me

Sheila Murray

Originally from Connecticut, I have lived in Massachusetts since 1986. A graduate of the University of Bridgeport, I had led a 30-plus year career in retailing, half of that owning a business with my husband at the time. As I aged, I relied heavily on Reiki as modalities to ground, and allowed myself to let go of day-to-day stress and to heal from injuries & trauma, both emotional & physical.
I started my Reiki training in 1998, quickly realizing how this calming and nurturing modality healed myself and those around me, though it was not my main focus.
It was when I added bodywork that I realized the possibility that if I could help people feel as good as I did after my treatments, then my life would have more fulfillment than I was experiencing.
In 2003 I was diagnosed with breast cancer & I began truly questioning all aspects of my life. Where was the joy? Why (and how) did I create disease in me? How can I improve my life and my longevity? These questions opened my vision to allow myself to “do something different”. I was then on the journey to truly saving my life.
I completed my Reiki training with Reiki III Master certification in 2003. In January of 2005 I started my schooling for massage therapy and bodywork at the New England Institute for Reflexology and Universal Studies in Buzzards Bay, MA, and was licensed in 2006. I immediately started working on everyone I knew. It was then in 2008 that I opened Release Therapeutic Bodywork.
I have continued & concentrated my education in therapeutic bodywork by attending Cranial Sacral Therapy seminars from the Upledger Institute and Myofascial Release seminars with John F Barnes.
These modalities have led me to a far deeper understanding of the complexities of our bodies. Specifcally, our fascial system as we move through life, how we move, and the way that we do or do not. Fascia is collagenous fluid-filled fascicles that are ubiquitous throughout our body, surrounding all muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, blood vessels. Shifting & changing constantly, losing their fluidity due to trauma of all kinds, these cause restrictions that can equal up to 2000 lbs of pressure, yet will not image in any X-rays or scans due to the fluid nature of fascia & fluid. This results in a diagnosis that is unsatisfying, “there is nothing wrong with you”, yet you are in pain, real pain.
I hear you and I love what I do as we search together for the restrictions that prevent full movement.
Through gentle but firm holding, feeling the shift in the tissue, together we can release these issues & relieve pain, improving the quality of life by utilizing Myofascial Release (MFR). In my opinion, working gently within the fascia is the first line of order when releasing pain.
In 2017 I graduated as a Health Coach from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN). I did this because, in our health crisis of today (even before COVID), the emphasis was not on wellness but on the  symptom/sickness. We are a complete system, not many different systems. Overall good health is more than temperature & how you feel today, although these are major factors in how “ the day” will turn out. So many clients would sit in front of me & explain ailments with their health & issues not related (immediately) to health.
A health coach does not run the race for you, but helps to clean up the areas that are tripping you up from running a good race & winning. Subtle changes, mindfulness over fanaticism, in all areas of life that help & heal the body, shift your view & outlook, gradually improving all areas of concern, understanding the shift rather than me preaching or selling a new idea. It’s not just about food, your health is everything & everything is your health.
I attended the Functional Medicine Health Coaching Academy, which is an exclusive training division of the Institute of Functional Medicine and recognized as an approved health and wellness training program by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), as a result, I  am officially a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach!  This is a perfect time to contact me & get on the ground floor to true healing & longevity!
Forever learning and repeating courses, constantly refreshing my vision & comprehension, for our bodies and our health…these are our greatest assets.

Release Therapeutic Bodywork

The name “Release” came to me by meditating on what it is that I wanted to provide for clients. It is that simple! All touch modalities are based on healing. To enable a body to heal it must first be allowed to release the issues and belief systems that are deeply embedded in our bodies.

The services that are performed at Release Therapeutic Bodywork are steeped in nurturing and trust, allowing the client to release that which is no longer needed. The result is elimination of ongoing and chronic pain. I envision a world that turns to bodywork and natural healing before adding another pill.

In March of 2023, a decision was made to close the Cape Cod (Bourne MA) office and to consolidate all services to our existing main office in Florence, MA within the metro Northampton MA area. So grateful to Cape Cod for 15 wonderful years!