There Is Always A Connection – July Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of ‘There is Always a Connection”.

I will be describing my experiences first since I always refer to myself as “the perfect Guinea pig”.

I have had many physical mishaps inn my life so far, mishaps that have left a mark! I am also deeply invested in the belief that if the therapist can not relate to the client, there will be a great deal missing in the relationship.

I don’t need to have felt the same pain but I have felt unanswered pain with little to no relief from standard health care.

I am going to describe my last appointment with one of my MFR (Myofascial Release) therapists.

This was a 2-hour appointment @Monadnock MFR in Keene. I see either Molly or Ariana.

Molly is a 30 MFR veteran & an educator for John Barnes. As a matter of fact, Molly is the only other educator I have ever had a seminar with other than John Barnes! I consider myself very lucky to Have had a such an educational experience. However, our education as MFR therapists is never over for we repeat as much as possible.

Anyway, back to me. As I drove to Keene, an hour’s drive, I understood I had been keeping a lid on a slow boiling pot called my body & it had been simmering for about three weeks.

What do I mean.

 Awareness of edginess, short temper, tossing & turning in bed, tired but wired, heart racing, scattered thoughts.

Molly asked how I was feeling and when I described this she went into instant assessment mode & went to work.

As she worked with my pelvis which is our foundation, I told her I felt like my skull was a ballon & it was being squeezed, feeling tighter, like it could pop (if it were a ballon) and that at the same time my frontal bones(forehead) were being lifted to the ceiling.

Now, no one was working on my head.

This is the fascinating world of our fascia system & our bodies.

As she moved around my body to different spots of restriction, she stopped at my right quad, my left foot started tingling, my right knee began to throb & a red mark developed on my chest.

So, you might ask, why? Why are these other areas, not related to the place where she is, lighting up?

FASCIA. The magical integral web within our body that governs our ability to move & move freely. If there is a restriction the web can be pulled in a completely different space causing unanswered pain, like… “Why would my jaw hurt if my pelvis is unbalanced.” Ah but id will & it does however that is a story for another blog day. But if the restriction is being worked on by the therapist, wherever the web is pulled will also have a sensation. It could be pain, it could feel like warm water running, it could be a tingle, sparkle, Icey hot. The key is, as the client, let it roll. Feel into it, let it do what it needs & then like magic, it’s gone. You have forgotten about it. So many times, I ask “how is that discomfort you told me about?

“Oh!  It’s gone! Wow, I didn’t even realize. Says the client.

That is because we stay with the restriction. Waiting, patiently for a shift, a change.

This is a big reason why MFR works. There isn’t a “bounce back” like with any other modality that uses deep work & constant motion. Or deep work with tools. The tissue needs to be able to “float” it needs time.

So back to my appointment, at the end I was in such a beautiful happy state. Loose, calm, my brain felt like it could process calmly, not scattered & wired. I felt taller, thinner, more fluid.

How does this sound to you?

This is what MFR is and it is my goal to make it mainstream to the masses.

Help me spread the word & make an appointment today.