There Is Always A Connection – My First Blog

Greetings, Hello & Welcome to my first blog post titled, “There is Always a Connection”. 

My name is Sheila Murray of Release Therapeutic Bodywork. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist located in Florence MA, who no longer practices traditional massage because I have found John F Barnes Myofascial Release. 

Myofascial Release is technically so new on the scene of alternative therapy (John Barnes has been teaching, developing, experimenting, and investigating for 40 years but in the scheme of things, that is new) that the masses are not aware of it, I am making it my mission in my corner of the world here in western Massachusetts to make it mainstream.

However, as far as most other therapists practicing JFB MFR (John F Barnes Myofascial Release) this is what we all desire.  8 billion people walking the planet, 8 billion different restrictions to unwind. 

Myofascial Release is the answer to unanswered pain. 

You might ask “What does that really mean?

Unanswered pain is pain you have been living with for weeks, months, YEARS. You have gone to the doctor and had all the imaging, but it is inconclusive. Nothing is wrong. Yet your pain is real. So, you live with it by taking NSIDS or try a massage or a chiropractor. But nothing corrects it & then it moves. Something else hurts now. 

This is the reason for this blog. To broadcast there is another way. To have trust in your therapist to understand something you do not quite understand fully, but you know you feel better. 

I have been practicing MFR since 2018. I previously had a practice on Cape Cod that I started in 2008 & it was a thriving massage practice. However, when I discovered how MFR was able to release structures & pain patterns, nagging headaches, carpal tunnel, TMJ (this list goes on and on), I was determined to be the best I could be for my clients.  

True JFBMFR cannot be practiced with any oil or cream. I had to decide, and it was very scary as my only means of income, but this is how much I believe in Myofascial Release. When I explained to my clients why I was doing what I was doing, retiring from massage and only providing MFR, they trusted & followed me. That was 2019 and we were all so grateful for the shift. 

This is where this blog comes in. I have so many fascinating & amazing stories of ailments, pain & hopelessness that I felt to further my goal of bringing MFR to the masses and making it mainstream, I needed to share some of the remarkable tales. In the process, as you read these blog submissions you may see a similarity in something you or a loved one is experiencing & give MFR a chance to help you.  

I want to broadcast my global view of our bodies. How much of a role our feet play in our comfort and health, and how our hips & pelvis affect our feet. The knees tell their own story connected sometimes to the ribcage, a shoulder, and on & on. Shoulder pain that comes and goes or maybe not, perhaps that pain is chronic. Is it the shoulder? Or is it something else that is caught, and tangled? “That is where my pain is” AH! Find the pain, look elsewhere! 

Then there are our beautiful heads and necks. Trouble swallowing? Experiencing headaches, teeth, jaw pain, sinus issues concussions, braces, and on and on?

This will be the space where I will share amazing symptoms & outcomes. 

Something will jump off the page because you have been feeling the same thing I am detailing, thinking “You’re just going to have to live with it.”


I say, “Maybe not.